Why are you on my bill?

If you find us on your bill, but don't remember signing up with us, don't be alarmed. More than likely, you're in a community aggregation-a process by which your local government has bundled its residents' buying power together to get a better deal on electricity. To learn more about community aggregation, click here.

What is a competitive electricity supplier?

A competitive electricity supplier buys electricity from the wholesale market and sells it to consumers. The idea is that by increasing competition in the electricity market, pricing can be improved.  Competitive suppliers are an alternative to receiving your electricity supply from your local utility. However, the utility will always provide your transmission and delivery services because they own the power infrastructure (lines, meters, etc.).

I'm a homeowner. Does Hampshire Power have a solution for me?

Hampshire Power is a solution for businesses, municipalities, and non-profits. Unless you're in a municipal aggregation that we supply, we can't serve your residence. HOWEVER, Hampshire Solar is a viable option for homeowners to save money on their electricity bills. 

What is a fixed rate contract and why would I want one?

A fixed-rate contract means that the rate you pay per kWh doesn’t change over the entire duration of the contract. By comparison, utility companies' change their rates every 6 months. Historically, utility rates increase in the winter and drop in the summer. A fixed-rate contract is beneficial because it allows you to budget accurately and protects you from seasonal price spikes.

Will I still receive a bill from my utility or will the bill come from Hampshire Power?

You will still be billed by the utility, but under the ‘Supply Services’ section, you will see Hampshire Power listed as your supplier. Our charge is calculated by multiplying our fixed-rate by your usage in kWh.

Why do I need to submit information about my account to receive a quote?

Instead of offering ‘rack rates’ like many other competitive suppliers, we tailor your fixed rate to your individual usage history. This allows us to add the smallest ‘risk’ margin we can because we can purchase your load more accurately. Customizing your rate means savings for you.

Do you charge monthly service fees or other fees that I should be aware of?

We are proud to be “gotcha-free”. We have no hidden fees and our rates are all inclusive; what you see is what you get. This is rare in the marketplace.

How long are your contract terms?

Our contracts vary in length, though most will be between 1 and 3 years.There is an element of forecasting involved in our price calculations that makes it difficult to offer prices further down the road. We want to be sure that our prices are competitive and the best deals we can possibly offer.

Why would I choose Hampshire Power over another electricity supplier?

You mean besides our charm and rugged good looks?

Hampshire Power is the only non-profit supplier of electricity based in Massachusetts. We’re all about keeping it local – with Hampshire Power, your energy dollars support the local economy instead of flowing out of state.  We provide exceptional customer service right from Northampton, MA. You’ll never reach an overseas call center with Hampshire Power! Our non-profit structure means that we’re willing to operate on the thinnest margins possible, allowing us to provide extremely competitive rates to our customers.