Hampshire Power is the leading local energy supplier offering competitive rates, green electricity options, and customized plans. Unlike our competitors, we reinvest your energy dollars in the local economy. We keep power in the hands of the people, instead of the old electricity tycoons. Our mission is to serve local residents and businesses with the very best energy rates available.

We’re good business.

Hampshire Power is your affordable solution to skyrocketing energy costs. We keep our prices fair because we don’t have to appease corporate shareholders. We customize your plan to fit your needs instead of offering lazy and expensive rack rates. Our clients enjoy significant savings by choosing Hampshire Power.

We invest in the community.

Other energy suppliers take their revenue and spend it outside of Massachusetts. Not Hampshire Power. Every dollar we earn is reinvested in our state. By choosing Hampshire Power, you extend your buying power, saving yourself money while you boost the local economy. There’s more: when you sign up for Hampshire Power, we’ll send you a rebate based on your energy usage—anywhere from $25-$100. If you like, we can send your rebate to the United Way of Hampshire County as a donation in your name! Find out more.

We help you go green. 

Do you want to protect the planet? So do we. We’ll connect you with energy options that include solar and wind power initiatives. Now you’re saving money, boosting the local economy and thinking about future generations.

We’re your neighbor.

Our office is based in Northampton, and it’s staffed with people who know and care about our community. We always answer your phone calls and emails because we’re committed to hometown customer service. We’ve earned our clients' trust through honest advice and a transparent pricing process.